vulnerable to sexual abuseI was honoured to be named Top Safety Contributor for Autism Parenting Magazine in 2014 where I have written numerous articles on keeping your child with autism safe. I think that every parent’s most basic intention with his/her child is to ensure that he/she is kept safe.   Sexual abuse is not all that frequent, but the impact that it has can be devastating. Children with autism are especially vulnerable because they may not be able to discriminate the difference between a stranger vs. someone they know and trust, or they may not know how to interact socially in a safe way with someone, whether they know them or not. Unfortunately, many victims of sexual abuse actually know his/her predator. This makes it even trickier to figure out the things that you can say and do to keep yourself safe.

This article was written to provide tips and strategies that you can use as a parent to empower your child with skills to keep them safe from predators. From what safety skills to teach your child to how to teach them. From how to respond to a potential threat, to everyday things that we can teach our children that will maximize his/her overall safety. It is my mission to empower individuals with autism, and his/her families/educators with practical tools that they can use to improve quality of life. Although sexual abuse may not be that common I would still rather take the cautionary route and empower my child so that he/she is prepared in the event that the unthinkable happens. There is nothing more meaningful than knowing you have done almost everything you can to keep your child safe!